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Scale Keychain

Scale Keychain

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Introducing the Precision Weighing Pocket Scale: Unlock Accuracy On-The-Go!

Type A: Precision Meets Portability!
- Available in 100g or 200g capacities.
- Digital display ensures crystal-clear readings.
- Ideal for jewelry, spices, and more.
- Crafted from durable, high-quality plastic.
- Energy-efficient design with extended standby time.

Type A Highlights:
1. LCD display for effortless readability.
2. Accuracy up to 0.01g for precise measurements.
3. Compact, lightweight, and shaped like a sleek car key.
4. Constructed from fade-resistant, sturdy plastic.

Type A Specifications:
- Material: Plastic + Metal
- Available Capacities: 200g/0.01g, 100g/0.01g
- Measurement Units: g, dwt, ct
- Power Source: 1*3V CR2032 Button Cell (not included)
- Accuracy: 0.01g
- Dimensions: 6 x 3 x 1.8 cm
- Weight: Approximately 32g

Package Contents:
1 x Mini Digital Pocket Scale
1 x Instruction Manual

Type B: Precision Elevated to New Heights!
- Compact, super mini electronic jewelry scale.
- Features a stainless steel platform and backlit LCD display.
- Choose between 100g or 200g capacities.
- Delivers high accuracy with 0.01g readability.
- Equipped with a tare function and easy calibration.

Type B Features:
1. Utilizes a high-precision strain gauge sensor.
2. Stainless steel platform ensures long-lasting durability.
3. Tare function simplifies calibration.
4. Indicators for low battery and overload.
5. Designed for effortless carrying and storage.

Type B Specifications:
- Dimensions: 43mm (W) x 75mm (L) x 15mm (H)
- Weight: 34g
- Color: Sleek Black
- Capacity Options: 200g/100g-0.05g
- Accuracy: 0.01g
- Measurement Units: g/ct/oz
- Auto Power Off: 60 seconds
- Display: Backlit LCD
- Power Source: CR2032 3V x 1 (not included)

Package Contents for Type B:
1 x Digital Mini Jewelry Scale
1 x English User Manual

Experience Precision Weighing On-The-Go – Order Yours Today!

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