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Pet Hair Remover Brush

Pet Hair Remover Brush

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Introducing the New Portable Pet Hair Remover Brush – your go-to solution for a fur-free environment! **Effortless Pet Hair Removal:** Say goodbye to pesky pet hair with ease! This manual lint roller is expertly designed to swiftly remove fur from a variety of surfaces, including sweaters, sofas, and clothing, ensuring your home stays pristine. **Versatile Cleaning Solution:** Perfect for both dogs and cats, this handy scraper provides an effective cleaning solution for pet owners everywhere. No more struggling with stubborn fur – just smooth, effortless removal! **On-the-Go Cleaning:** With its portable design, you can now enjoy a clean and fresh living space wherever you are. Whether you're at home, on vacation, or visiting friends, this compact tool ensures pet hair is never a problem. **Efficiency Meets Convenience:** Tidy up in no time with this versatile cleaning tool. Keep your surroundings clean and comfortable with minimal effort, thanks to the New Portable Pet Hair Remover Brush – the ultimate accessory for every pet owner's arsenal. Say hello to a hair-free home and enjoy a hassle-free cleaning experience with our Portable Pet Hair Remover Brush. Because a fur-free environment means a happier, healthier home – for you and your beloved pets!

Item Type: Hair Removal Brushes
Wooden brush material: Wooden + Alloy
Size: 17*13.5cm
Color: Green, Pink, Navy Blue 
Material: Plastic
Size: 12.5*15cm

Packing list: 
1pcs hair removal brush

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