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Kitchen Trash Bin

Kitchen Trash Bin

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**Introducing Our Convenient Wall Mount/Under Sink Trash Can!**

Tired of cluttered countertops and overflowing trash bins? Our Wall Mount/Under Sink Trash Can is the perfect solution to keep your space tidy and organized. With its compact design and versatile mounting options, it's the ultimate accessory for any kitchen or pantry.

- **Space-Saving Design**: Our trash can is small and perfect for most cabinet doors, pantry doors, and cupboards. It's designed to fit snugly, so you can maximize your storage space without sacrificing functionality.
- **Easy Installation**: Comes with 1 hook and 1 pasting board for hassle-free installation. Simply attach it to the inside of your cabinet door or under your sink for quick and convenient access to your trash.

- **Durable Construction**: Made from high-quality PP material, our trash can is built to withstand daily use. It's sturdy and reliable, so you can count on it to keep your space clean and clutter-free.

- **Color**: Available in white or grey to complement any decor.
- **Material**: Made from durable PP material for long-lasting use.

**Shipping and Feedback:**
- We strive to provide fast and reliable shipping, with items sent within 2-3 days of payment confirmation.
- If you're satisfied with our product, please leave us your feedback and a 5-star rating. As a token of our appreciation, we'll offer you an additional 5% discount on your next order!
Upgrade your kitchen or pantry with our convenient Wall Mount/Under Sink Trash Can. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a cleaner, more organized space. Order now and experience the difference!

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