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Capless Rotating Water Cup

Capless Rotating Water Cup

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Elevate your beverage experience with this versatile and stylish Twist Water Cup!

Freezer Safe: If you desire to chill your favorite beverages, this mug can also be safely used in the refrigerator, ensuring your drinks are refreshingly cold whenever you need them.

Easy to Use: This mug is incredibly user-friendly. Just twist the top film, and witness how quickly the mug's top forms a perfect seal, making it hassle-free to enjoy your drinks on the go.

Keep It Hot or Cold: Each cup boasts a generous 300ml capacity and features a double-wall design. Whether it's a steaming hot coffee or an ice-cold beverage, this mug has you covered, keeping drinks hot for up to 2 hours and drinks cold for up to 6 hours.

Twist Lid - No Lid Design: This innovative mug is equipped with a silicone membrane and a revolutionary lid-less design. Instead of a traditional lid, simply twist the silicone membrane onto the top of the mug, and watch as a secure seal forms effortlessly.

Leak-Proof, Even Holds the Straw in Place: The adjustable silicone membrane accommodates a straw, allowing it to pass through the top. Insert the straw into the opening and twist the membrane until the straw is snugly in place. With this new seal, rest assured that your beverages won't spill out of the cup.




Product Specifications:
Product Name: Twist Water Cup
Product Configuration: Twist Cup, Transparent Straw
Colors: Yellow, Gray
Capacity: 300ML
Product Category: Cup
Product Type: Household Supplies
Style: European Style
Function: Warm Beverage Retention
Applicable Object: Water
Functions: Leakproof without a lid, Heat Insulation and Scald Prevention, Heat Preservation and Cold Preservation, Microwave Oven Safe, Easy to Carry

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